Basic info:
Date: Sunday, 31th of October 2021
Time: Venue open at 10:00, tournament starts at 11:00
Player cap: 46
Format: Legacy
Location: Theseus, Bredaseweg 167, 5038 ND Tilburg
Parking: Free – Tilburg free parking map
Entry: Є15,- incl. 2 food/drinks (soft drinks, toasties, beers etc.)
Tickets: You can buy tickets here.

Prize support:
Total Є360 + Є50 Rudy store credits
1: Є100,- + Є50 Rudy store credits
2:  Є80,-
3/4: Є40,-
8/5: Є25,-

Rudy will have a store at the event!

MKM Store

Tournament info:
REL: Regular
Rounds: 6 rounds of swiss then cut to top 8
Decklist: Required
Judges: Mark Dragstra, lvl2 and Anouk, lvl1
Proxies: Allowed – Proxy Guide
Tournament software: We will use MTGMelee as our tournament software. We will need you to make an account so we can add you to the pairings. If you have any questions check our MTGMelee Guide or feel free to contact us by mail or you can ask us on our Discord.

For any questions feel free to contact us at:

In the meantime you can find us here: Bazaar of Boxes links

Covid-guidelines: as obligated by the goverment, your coronacheck app will be scanned at the door. Please make sure you are vaccinated, have proof of a negative test within 24 hours of the tournament’s start, or have proof of recent recovery from the virus, as one of these things is required for entry to the venue.