Basic info:
Date: Saturday the 27th of August, 2022
Time: Venue open at 10:00, tournament starts at 11:00
Player cap: 50
Format: Legacy
Location: Theseus, Bredaseweg 167, 5038 ND Tilburg
Parking: Free – Tilburg free parking map
Entry: €18,50 incl. 2 food/drinks (soft drinks, toasties, beers etc.)
Tickets: You can buy tickets here

Prize support:
At maximum occupancy, the prize support will be as follows:
1st: €130 + €70 Goat store credits
2nd: €80 + €40 Goat store credits
3/4: €30 + €20 Goat store credits
5/8: €30

(Disclaimer: prize support is based on a sold out event. They may be adjusted otherwise.)

Rudy will have a store at the event!

MCM Store

Tournament info:
REL: Competitive
Rounds: 6 rounds of swiss then cut to top 8
Decklist: Required, submit to the MTG Melee event
Judges: Mark Dragstra, lvl 2 and Anouk, lvl 1
Proxies: Allowed – Proxy Guide

Tournament software: We use MTG Melee as our tournament software. We’ll need you to make an account so you can add your decklist to the event and we can add you to the pairings. The smoothest for us would be if you’d register on MTG Melee with the same email address you used for purchasing a BoB Series ticket. For further info on this, check our
MTG Melee Guide.

For any questions feel free to contact us at: or our Discord

Meanwhile, you can find us here as well: Bazaar of Boxes linktree