The story behind Bazaar of Boxes.

Bazaar of Boxes was founded in 2019 but it all started in 2017 when I bought my first 3D printer. This printer was a Prusa i3 MK2 and we are still using it today. After learning all there is to learn with this printer I started to print thinks we could use in our daily lives, mainly hobby related, this is where it all began.

Because of my background as a 3D game artist I was able to design everything myself. This come in really handy because I could just model anything I needed for my hobbies and print it. The main focus were card boxes for Magic the Gathering and dice boxes for Dungeon & Dragons.

These boxes that I was creating got noticed by friends and other people I met at for example magic tournaments and people start asking about it. So I started to hand them out to friends for them to test. This was in the beginning of 2018 and this year we got a lot of feedback because of all the people testing the products I made. This created a lot of tweaks to the boxes and eventually we started to settle on the designs. After this everything went quick and people wanted to buy the boxes and eventually Bazaar of Boxes was born!

With Bazaar of Boxes we really wanted to give the customer experience of designing something custom themselfs. This is the reason why we are proud to present our box designer which enable a full custom design experience. We will keep adding new colors boxes en shaped to it in the future which will make the possibilities almost endless.