Bazaar of Boxes is part of the European Legacy Masters project:
At the European Legacy Masters (ELM), the very best Legacy players from every country will face-off against each other, with sweet prizes and eternal glory on the line. Each community gets to send four of their local heroes to face-off against the competition – until one Master emerges.

The ELM is an invitation-only event. Each country has been awarded 4 slots, which will be distributed in accordance with the local (Legacy) tournament landscape. This means that anyone, regardless of nationality, has a chance of winning the slot.

You can read more regarding the European Legacy Masters itself here:
– European Legacy Masters official website

What does this mean for you:
We’ll be giving away qualifier slots divided amongst our Series events, for a total of four in the span of a year. There are no additional costs involved with these changes to the BoB Series formula. The only thing that’ll change is the fact you’ll now get to compete for a qualifier slot for a prestigious invite-only Legacy event – and potentially win it if you place in the top 8 at a BoB Series event!

Winners of these qualifier slots will also get a free custom Bazaar of Boxes T-shirt, especially designed for our very own ELM participants! Accommodation and travel expenses will be your own, but we are actively looking for sponsors, so we can possibly assist our players with plane tickets for the 2023 ELM (no promises there – that’ll be a work in progress).

ELM 2022:
The inaugural edition of the ELM will take place in Bologna, Italy on December 3rd, 2022, alongside the 4Seasons Tournament, and will have up to 64 players competing for the title.

ELM proxy policy:
As with the Bazaar of Boxes Series, ELM is proxy-friendly as well and adheres to the same proxy guidelines as we do! We refer you to our own proxy guide:
Proxy Guide

ELM 2022 vs. ELM 2023:
Due to the BETA edition of the ELM 2022 being rather short notice, Bazaar of Boxes has decided to handpick 3 players that’ll get a direct invite, while the last slot will be battled for at the Bazaar of Boxes Series 5, which will take place November 12th, 2022 in Tilburg, the Netherlands. We figured chances are slim that we can fill a top 8 with 4 people that would even want to attend the ELM on such short notice. So, this felt like the best course of action for the first ELM. Next year’s ELM qualifier slots would be distributed purely through winning a Series event.

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