Bazaar of Boxes

Bazaar of Boxes is a shop where you can order custom deck boxes, apparel and more – and a Magic the Gathering Legacy content creator and tournament organiser-collective. For more info on us, check out our about page: About

The name is based on a combination of Bazaar of Baghdad, which is an old Magic the Gathering card and Bazaar of Moxen, which is a big Magic the Gathering tournament. The main goal was to sell custom deck Boxes. So, if you mash that all together you get Bazaar of Boxes!

Send a mail to info@bazaarofboxes.com to share your idea. We are currently sponsoring the European Legacy Masters (ELM): ELM

Send a mail to info@bazaarofboxes.com to share your idea. Currently we have Goat Enterprise as our main sponsor: Goat Enterprise – This means we won’t accept any other card vendors

BoB Series

The BoB Series is a paper, 100% proxy-friendly, Magic the Gathering Legacy tournament Series. Held four times a year, in Tilburg, The Netherlands. If you want to know more, you can check the BoB Series page: BoB Series

Our player cap is currently 80

You have until 10 minutes before the event starts and you can also make changes to your already uploaded decklist ’til that time

You can mail to info@bazaarofboxes.com and you’ll be added to our reserve list

You can refund your ticket until 48 hours before the event

BoB Shop

We aim to get your order done within 2 working days. In some cases this can vary, seeing as everthing is custom made to order

Yes, everything is made inhouse. The beneficial thing that comes with this is that we have complete control over the entire production process. So. if you want something to be adjusted or something completely different – let us know!

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