Bazaar of Boxes has decided to use MTG Melee, which means no more messing around with results slips and having to huddle around a piece of printed paper to check out the standings and pairings! You also need to enter your decklist for the event on MTG Melee.

If you want to be prepared, you can set up your MTG Melee account and register for the tournament right now! This’ll save yourself some hassle at the venue. Besides, you’ll be able to familiarize with the website a little beforehand.

This is the direct link to our MTG Melee Tournament Link:
MTG Melee Tournament Link

Here’s a short video guide:
(disregard the decklist-portion. You won’t need it)

If the video above still leaves you with some questions, here’s a written step-by-step guide on how to get MTG Melee operational and we’ll navigate you towards registering for the event in advance:

  • Click on sign in > register and fill in the details to make a new account. Do fill in your actual first and last name
  • You’ll receive a verification e-mail. Do check your spamfolder to see if it might’ve ended up in there
  • Any additional profile information is totally optional
  • From here on out the ‘Player Controller’ section will be where everything will take place
  • After registration has been completed you can check into the tournament by following this link:
    – MTG Melee BoBSeries 3 Link
    – The inlog code will be sent to you after completing your order
  • Once you’ve arrived at the venue, you’ll register in person with the judges at the judge station. They’ll make sure you’re registered in person and will mark you as an attendee
  • After all the aforementioned steps have been completed, you’ll be paired automatically throughout the tournament. All you have to do is confirm the pairing(s) and after your match has concluded the winner will fill in the outcome and will submit it

You can find additional information on the Player Controller section here:

If you have any additional questions, join us on our Discord:

Or send us an e-mail at:

Or if you see us on your socials, hit us up there!

Good luck!